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Can i get help to travel to a job Interview

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Help with Travel to Interview Scheme Facts

travel to interview scheme ? It is worth saving your Advisor Discretionary Fund (ADF) grant for costs other than transport costs for interviews as there is separate funding for that under the Travel To Interview Scheme (TIS). It is available to customers travelling ‘beyond their normal daily travelling distance’, which is decided by the individual local office.

You will need to inform your Jobcentre Plus advisor that you will want to claim under the Travel to Interview scheme before the interview.  He or she will check with whoever is interviewing you first. You can even claim for up to two nights hotel stay but only if there is no other cheaper option.

You tend to get refunded upon presentation of your receipts.  However, it is likely that you could not afford such costs upfront and wait for a refund. If you cannot pay the costs upfront and claim reimbursement, you will be given a travel warrant. In exceptional circumstances, a travel to interview scheme can be awarded to the customer upfront. The Advisor Discretion Fund cannot be used for travel to interview costs. Again, contact your local Jobcentre Plus to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

Finally today, do not forget, if you have been claiming JSA for half a year or more and you start a job that is 16 hours a week or more and expected to last for more than 5 weeks, you will automatically be given a £100 job grant only if you qualify and qualification is subject to several conditions including unbroken claims of half a year (even one day’s gap will effect your qualification). This is provided to help you whilst you wait for your first paycheck.

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