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The right skills on your profile and CV will help you get the best from job applications. For more info about skills training, goto the National Careers Service website. Always review your CV while updating skill in your profile.

UK Apprenticeships

Find out about Apprenticeships in the UK, If you fancy learning the trade of your choice and earning as you go, an apprenticeship might be just the thing. you can find out more about UK Apprenticeships here

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Universal Credit

Find out about the New Universal Credit Benefit System being rolled out across the UK

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National Insurance Numbers UK

National Insurance Numbers in the UK

All you need to know if you are planning to work in the uk and need to apply for a NI Number in london or anywhere else in the UK

What Is A National Insurance Number. ?

National Insurance Number is mandatory in the uk,  it can be beneficial to you in several different ways.

The NI number that you recive will have a specific number that is allocated to you alone, it will be able to track the contributions that you have made to the system since the time you joined it. This is the best form of a social security number that you can get.

Winter Fuel Payment

Winter Fuel Payment

If you were born on or before 5 August 1953 you could get between £100 and £300 to help you pay your heating bills. This is known as a Winter Fuel Payment.You usually get a Winter Fuel Payment automatically if you’re eligible and you get the State Pension or another social security benefit (not Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Child Benefit or Universal Credit).

  • If you’re eligible but don’t get paid automatically, you’ll need to make a claim
  • You have until 31 March 2018 to claim for winter 2017 to 2018.

Most payments are made automatically between November and December. You should get your money by 15 January 2018. If the money isn’t paid into your account before then, call the office that pays your benefits - their details are on any letters they may have sent you.

Any Money You May Receive Will Not Affect Any Of Your Other Benefits.

bereavement allowance

Bereavement Allowance

Find out about bereavement benefits from the DWP

  • You may be able to get a £2,000 Bereavement Payment if your spouse or civil partner died before 6 April 2017. This is a one-time, tax-free, lump-sum payment.
  • You may get Bereavement Allowance
  • You may also be entitled to aFuneral Payment

Find Your Local Job Centre Plus Office

Find Your Nearest Local Jobcentre Plus Office

Use our handy directory of jobcentre plus offices to help you find your local DWP office. Our directory offers you jobcentre plus addresses, phone numbers, local street maps and contact details. If you need to contact the jobcentre to make a new claim or to make a change or even cancel an appointment you can find the information you need here.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is being rolled out across the UK

Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It's paid monthly, or twice a month for some people in Scotland. You may be eligible to get it if you're on a low income or out of work. Whether you can claim Universal Credit depends on where you live and your circumstances. 

Universal Jobmatch is a free service where you can search for jobs, and apply for them. You don’t need to register on Universal Jobmatch to search for jobs. But to apply for a job, you need to set up a Universal Jobmatch account.

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New Benefit Claims

The new benefits claim contact numbers are available Monday till Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Telephone 0800 055 6688
Textphone 0800 023 4888
Welsh language 0800 012 1888

Universal Credit

Universal Credit phone numbers are available Monday till Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephone 0800 328 9344
Textphone 0800 328 1344
Welsh language 0800 012 1888

Bereavement Benefits

Bereavement benefits phone numbers are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Telephone 0345 608 8601
Textphone 0345 608 8551
Welsh language 0345 608 8772

Maternity Allowance

Maternity Allowance phone numbers are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephone 0345 608 8610
Textphone 0345 608 8553
Welsh language 0345 608 8674