UK Government Jobcentre app

UK Government Jobcentre app to launch Europe’s largest jobs database into a smartphone app

The UK Government Jobcentre app is a tool for helping people looking for work in Europe and the UK, making it much easier to search for jobs by location, save preferences, and get the latest information about vacancies. Almost 1m people search for work through Jobcentre Plus every working day. Last month alone 60,000 people accessed the website from their mobile phones. 


The Jobcentre plus app makes it easier for people to find jobs relevant to them, jobseekers will be able to enter their location, or select key areas where they are looking for work and see exactly where vacancies are with Google maps. Within a year, job seekers will be able to use GPS to spot jobs around them, whether from home or on the move. The app will also be developed to automatically notify people of new vacancies matching their preferences.

The app will be available to anyone who uses an iPhone, iPod touch, or Google phone.


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